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Chargeback Represenments

HIgh Risk Merchant or Low Risk, even Point of Sales receive chargebacks and they are unavoidable sometimes. We always recommed a strong response with the required documents based on the chargeback reason codes. Our Chargeback Analysts work with our merchants to receive, process and respond to the chargebacks REAL TIME.

Tips to Make Effective Chargeback Representment

Essentially, first steps to effective chargeback representment to research the reason code and explain the reason for chargeback

Collect Evidence Quickly– You can collect your evidence quickly and build successful case with minimum time delay

Need to Understand Rules–  For win chargeback Representment you have to understand how chargeback representment process works?

Evidence Compelling– For Success, Chargeback Representment depends on your evidence proof

Know the Reason codes– Read and understand the Reason code description accordingly, Evidence you have provided by chargeback Reason

Understand Your Customers – Track and analyze the customer’s transaction history and behaviors ,  able to quickly identify high risk areas for high risk transactions and chargeback fraud.

Billing Data– when chargeback occurred while customer does not recognized credit card charge,you can use System that supports your company name, phone number for easy contact.

Know Your Chargeback Ratio– you need to understand how and why chargebacks are happening? it will improve customer communication internal process and website content to prevent future chargebacks.