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Our Services

Chargeback Prevention Alerts

For High Risk or Low Risk business ALERT is an option to avoid chargeback, due to this option merchant can reduces the chargeback ratio which is good for merchant’s account.

Merchant Analysis

Chargeback Experts Real Time Dashboard and various in built reports provides high end insights and guides them to make changes or add tweaks to their projects. Its a great way to see all your Statitics in one location. Fraud Anayis is a major part in these reports and audits which help merchant to protect and plan to counterpart chargebacks and risk.

Chargeback Represenments

HIgh Risk Merchant or Low Risk, even Point of Sales receive chargebacks and they are unavoidable sometimes. We always recommed a strong response with the required documents based on the chargeback reason codes. Our Chargeback Analysts work with our merchants to receive, process and respond to the chargebacks REAL TIME.