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Merchant Account Analysis

Chargeback Experts Real-Time Dashboard and various inbuilt reports provide high-end insights and guide them to make changes or add tweaks to their projects. It’s a great way to see all your statistics in one location. Fraud Analysis is a major part in these reports and audits which help merchant to protect and plan to counterpart chargebacks and risk.


Stop & Prevent Fraud

Fraud alert system is what every merchant needs to fight against chargeback. However, most of the merchants take a fragmented approach to prevent fraud that leaves them open to increased and improved attacks. As a result, security risks and financial crimes are increasing day by day.

Reduce, Manage & Win Chargebacks

At any time, customer can file a chargeback under any reason code. Chargeback not only effect profits but also, the image of the business. Lesser the chargeback ratio better will be the reputation of the business. We, at Chargeback Expertz, provide tools and technology that prevents chargebacks and in case, you get one, we will help you fight that chargeback.


Real-Time Alerts

Chargeback is something no merchant would want to experience in his or her business and get distresses with. However, it is next to impossible to attain 0% chargeback ratio.

Chargebacks Represenment

Chargeback Representment is a process where a merchant fights back a chargeback by gathering evidence to prove that the transaction was completed properly and the charges imposed by the customer are not true. Armed with sufficient evidence against the request of the customer, the issuer then reverses the chargeback and the merchant is refunded.

Analytical Report

It is really important for merchants to review their data, especially when it comes to chargebacks and to keep such risk under control. Compiling and analyzing reports, therefore, become of utmost importance, as it helps merchants to identify and understand the problem, take the decision and increase revenue.

Chargeback Prevention