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Chargeback Real Time Alerts

Chargeback is something no merchant would want to experience in his or her business and get distresses with. However, it is next to impossible to attain 0% chargeback ratio. Well, what if Chargebackexpertz assures you with an effective chargeback network that alerts you about a chargeback in near real-time so that you can take quick and adequate action in no time?
Real-time Alerts is a reliable chargeback management tool that helps in preventing chargebacks and also dispute some of them that affect the business revenue.

How Real-time Alerts Work

When a cardholder contacts the bank (that issued the card to the cardholder) to dispute a transaction, the issuer bank alerts the merchant about the chargeback. In this case, merchant can contact the cardholder and offer a refund to avoid the chargeback.


  • Our real-time alerts help in saving chargeback fee, which is otherwise spent on chargeback management
  • We provide one of the largest networks as we are connected with a number of issuers
  • Alerts help merchants to lower the chargeback rate, which can prevent freezing of account/funds
  • We only charge for the services availed, no extra/hidden fee
  • We provide detailed reports and diagnostics services
  • With very less integration, merchant can start receiving alters within 24 hours
  • With real-time alerts merchants can prevent frauds in no time

Connect with Chargeback Expertz

Chargebackexperts have been successfully providing the largest chargeback Real-Time Alert network for years. We provide reliable dispute mediation network as well as proprietary technology. Unlike most of the chargeback alert networks, we provide comprehensive network coverage that permits maximum issuer involvement and guaranteed chargeback reduction.

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Chargeback Prevention