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Discover reason codes

Discover uses the four main categories to organize its reason codes: Authorization, Service (Discover’s name for Card Member Disputes), Fraud, and Processing Errors. Discover has just one additional category to classify one reason code: Dispute Compliance.

Code Description How To Win
AA Cardholder Does Not Recognize
AL Airline Transaction Dispute
CA Cash Advance Dispute
CD Credit Posted as Card Sale
DA Declined Authorization
DP Duplicate Processing
EX Expired Card
IC Illegible Sales Data
IN Invalid Card Number
LP Late Presentment
N Discover Network ATM Transaction – No Funds Dispensed
NA No Authorization
NC Not Classified
P Discover Network ATM Transaction – Partial Funds Dispensed
RG Non-Receipt of Goods or Services
RM Cardholder Disputes Quality of Goods or Services
RN2 Or RN Non-Receipt of Credit
UA01 No Authorization
UA02 Declined Authorization
UA10 Request Transaction Receipt for Swiped Card Transaction
UA11 Swiped Card Transaction – No Cardholder Signature Obtained
UA12 Swiped Card Transaction – Invalid Signature
UA18 Swiped Card Transaction – Illegible Transaction Documentation
UA20 Request Transaction Documentation for Keyed Card Transaction.
UA30 Request Transaction Documentation for Card Not Present Card Transaction

The Ultimate Dispute Management Resource

Download our comprehensive guide to reason codes, modifiers, time limits, and compelling evidence.

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