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American Express Reason Code F24

Amex Chargeback Reason Code F24: No Cardmember Authorization


A card-not-present transaction occurs when cardholder files a complaint that he/she neither participated nor authorized a particular charge. A card-not-present transaction occurs on a fictitious account number on which owner’s authorization was not obtained. Telephone sales, mail-order, Internet/online sales, monthly subscriptions, recurring and prepayment transactions are examples of card-not-present transactions. Mostly, this situation occurs when someone fraudulently uses someone else’s credit card and processes card-not-present transaction without the consent or permission of the cardholder. Sometimes, cardholder does not recognize a card-not-present transaction on his statement because of invisible, unclear or confusing merchant or product name.

Most Common Causes
  • The merchant processed a fictitious account number on which card owner’s authorization was not obtained. .
  • The merchant processed a transaction card owner did not participated in.
  • Transaction is processed on invalid card Transaction is processed on invalid card
  • A family member ordered , from the primary cardholder’s account without his permission.
  • You  The cardholder also causes it when he is not able to recognize purchase on the billing statement.
  • Make sure to obtain an authorized approval   for all the e-commerce and recurring transactions regardless of the dollar amount..
  • Read back the account number,especially for transactions made via phone. Always verify account number so that there are no errors or misunderstandings.
  • Identify the type of transaction, such as card-not-present, and use appropriate codes for identifying transactions as e-commerce, telephone order, and Mail order during settlement process and authorization. This will automatically be done by the processing system, or by indicator button.
  • Make sure to use security codes and AVS. These services are designed to prevent card-not-present related frauds.
  • Set your billing descriptor correctly. The merchant can manage the way business name appears on the customer billing statement with the help of a tool known as billing descriptor. It usually is set up so that the merchant can display “Doing Business As “(DBA) name, but some processors may use the legal name as per default settings. The merchant can work with its processor to ensure the descriptor is set in a way that would be easier for the customers to recognize. The merchant must ensure that all the information such as internet address, state, city, and phone number are displayed correctly so that the customer can locate it.
Common Examples
  1. Linda goes to a café after work and orders a coffee and a muffin. She later realizes that she left her wallet in her drawer in the office so she asks the cashier to enter her card details manually. The cashier processes the transaction but, forgets to take her signatures or imprint on the receipt. Later, when Linda checks her account she sees a larger amount on her statement than what she expected to see from the transaction. She therefore, disputes the amount under the Reason Code F24: No Cardmember Authorization. 
  2. George leaves his wallet home and goes for a jog. Looking for the opportunity his daughter Nia slips out his card and shops for her Prom night. Later in the week, George checks his account to find out an unknown transaction to an online accessory merchant. Thinking it as a fraud he disputes the amount under the Reason Code F24: No Cardmember Authorization.

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