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Chargeback Prevention Alerts

We have many many sources to detect fraud and possible chargebacks. Over years we have partnered with banks, financial institutions and Trusted Data Contributors who update your data across many sources to provide real time data chargeback prevention alerts. Merchants can now resolve or refund their unhappy customers and not have to deal with heafty fees due to fraud.

For High Risk or Low Risk business ALERT is an option to avoid chargeback, due to this option merchant can reduces the chargeback ratio which is good for merchant’s account.

Excessive chargeback is not good for merchant’s MID because after. Too many chargebacks states that merchant’s mid is in danger and may be very near to close the Account. Acquirer won’t wait to cross the Account limit, MID will close as soon as chargeback flow is high. Alert will provide an option to control chargebacks and maintain chargeback ratio wich is good
for merchant’s account. Merchant have various option after received an alert like: Merchant can issue Full Refund, Partial Refund, Reshipped the merchandise or hold the merchandise which ready to ship or Contact to customer and resolve the issues.

Benefits of Chargeback Prevention Alert

  • Overall Chargeback alerts reduction by up to 40%
  • Avoiding costly fees, fines, penalties, and potential loss of your processing privileges.
  • Real time notifications to help stop losses by preventing chargebacks from additional billings, and from fulfillment of goods and services.
  • Zero-defect guarantee ensures that if a case is successfully resolved but later filed as a chargeback, you don’t pay.
  • Intuitive self-service protal can have you up and running within a day without tying up and of your IT resources.
  • You still maintain control whether you decide to stop fulfillment, provide a refund, or take no action and accept the chargeback risk.

Maintain a healthy account : To maintain a healthy account is a must if you plan on being in the enterprise for the long haul. There are several methods which can be now available to prevent Chargebacks from hitting your account. it’s far particularly endorsed you visit an experienced business enterprise . they’ll take the subsequent three Steps to restricting the consequences of chargebacks

How to recover money after a chargeback?

You can also try to do it yourself following these steps. Respond as soon as possible, time is of the essence
Gather information about the transaction including the results of the CVV and AVS Show a copy of the receipt that was shown at the time of the purchase Send proof of shipping when possible Show accurate and appropriate marketing material and user flow to the ultimate purchase when appropriate Include copies of any correspondence as well as any notes generated by customer service If pre-authorization was obtained from your processor, include proof.

Chargeback Prevention