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Discover Reason Code AL

Discover Chargeback Reason Code AL: Airline Transaction Dispute


This reason code is applied to service related chargebacks.
Airline Transaction Dispute reason is used for both – Retrieval Requests and Chargeback Requests related to Airline Merchants. Here, cardholder must resolve the issue directly with the Airline Merchant and if issuer confirms that cardholder was not capable to resolve the issue directly with the merchant then the issuer may initiate a chargeback using this reason code

Most Common Causes
  • Cardholder told the ticket was voided, but still charged for the airline has discontinued services.
  • Airline Merchant billed twice to the cardholder for the same fare.
  • Cardholder purchased another ticket due to failure in deliverance of the ticket.
  • Cardholder charged for a higher fare amount than what he was quoted for.
  • Cardholder did not receive cash back for unused tickets or for coupons..
  • Merchant did not issue credit for lost tickets or issued only partial credit.
  • Merchant posted the transaction but cardholder was told it is voided.
Evidence Required
  • Provide evidence if there are multiple charges on the account and if they belong to separate tickets.
  • Provide proof that a credit was issued to the cardholder for any duplicate tickets
  • Provide evidence that full credit was issued for any lost ticket.
  • Submit evidence that customers have used the tickets.
  • Do not charge cardholder twice for the same fare.
  • Do not post the unsettled transaction; if you have promised cardholder that transaction is voided.
  • Send tickets to the cardholder via mail so that they do not purchase another ticket.
  • Issue credit for unused tickets and for coupons.
  • Only charge the amount that was quoted earlier to the cardholder.
Common Examples
  1. Linda has been planning a trip from a very long time with her family. She finally makes a purchase from an airline merchant that included both, inbound and outbound flights. After a week, she checks her statements to find out that she has been charged twice for the inbound flight. She tries to contact the merchant with the issue on which they surrender to locate the error. Linda is now left with no other option but to dispute the charge under the Reason Code AL: Airline Transaction Dispute.
  2. George plans a family trip to Disneyworld and is excited to spend some quality time with his kids. He buys the tickets from an online airline merchant and opts for the delivery of the tickets. After a few weeks, when he doesn’t receive anything from the merchant he calls up and makes another purchase with a promise of getting a refund for the earlier purchase. After a long wait of no funds in the account, he finally decides to dispute the charge under the Reason Code AL: Airline Transaction Dispute.

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