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Discover Reason Code EX

Discover Chargeback Reason Code EX: Expired Card


A transaction completed with an expired card i.e. unauthorized. Such transactions commonly do not receive an authorization approval from the buyer’s bank so—the merchant must not accept any card after the expiration date.

Most Common Causes
  • If the card expires before the transaction date and doesn’t get the authorization.
  • If the authorization approval was obtained but the card had expired.
Evidence Required
  • The expiration date should be imprinted in front of the card. If the expiration date on the purchasing receipt shows the card had not expired at the time of the sale, send a copy of the purchasing receipt to your merchant bank. The chargeback is unacceptable neglectful of whether authorization was obtained.
  • Inform your bank of the transaction date and amount, if the card was swiped or manually imprinted, and authorization approval was acquired. This type of chargeback automatically handles several merchant banks and the merchant never sees it.
  • You did not get an authorization until the card has expired, accept the chargeback.
  • A card is valid through the last day of the month shown so—the merchant should check the expiry date on all the cards. (e.g. if the date is 05/20, the card is valid through May 31, 2020 and expires on June 1, 2020.)
  • Notify your bank of the transaction amount and date. If the transaction was a Mail Order, Telephone Order (MO/TO) or Internet transaction, and authorization approval was obtained/required, the chargeback automatically handles several merchant banks, again, the merchant never sees it.
  • Point-of-sale staff to check the expiration date of card before completing transactions regularly and if the card has expired, always get an authorization approval.
  • Merchant should always check the expiration date on all cards. A card is valid through the last day of the month as shown.
  • Merchant must always check the whether the expiration date provided by the cardholder is correct or not, if the transaction was a MO/TO or Internet transaction.
  • Always request an authorization for card-not-present transaction.
Common Examples
  1. Linda is a merchant who is into electronic business. She has a decent website on which she sells screen guards and protectors for almost all the electronic devices. One fine day, one of her employees received a telephone order for a tablet screen protector. He took all the details but missed that the card with which the customer placed an order was expired. Linda realizes the mistake of her employee when she receives a chargeback from the buyer’s bank under the Reason Code EX: Expired Card.
  2. George, who has a business of watches, sells a dozen watches to a customer. He takes the credit card and reads out the expiry date. The card that the customer gave has an expiry of the same month. George accepts the card and gets an authorization. But, the bank puts a chargeback on him under the Reason Code EX: Expired Card. However, all George has to do is provide the bank with the date and amount of the receipt to show that the card was accepted when it was valid.

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