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Discover Reason Code N

Discover Chargeback Reason Code N: Discover Network ATM Transaction – No Funds Dispensed


The Cardholder participated and completed an ATM transaction but did not receive cash or load transaction amount.

Most Common Causes
  • Merchant did not issue any refund what was requested from the cardholder.
Evidence Required
  • Provide the copy of ATM cash transaction or Load transaction record showing cardholder’s account number, transaction date and time.
  • If credit was issued to the cardholder, just provide the proof of refund.
  • In Europe, provide dispute resolution form and letter from the cardholder, if he is disputing 3 or more such transactions happened within 15 calendar days.
  • Provide ATM audit log that shows funds have been provided or dispensed.
  • None
Common Examples
  1. Linda went to food truck to buy her lunch. Unfortunately, the food truck only accepts cash so—she quickly goes to a nearby ATM to fetch some cash. She follows the entire procedure of withdrawing the cash but no money is dispensed. Thinking of error in the machine, she foes to another ATM and gets the money. After a few days, she sees the transaction on her account for the cash withdrawal. Confused Linda decides to dispute the charge under the Reason Code N: Discover Network ATM Transaction- No Funds Dispensed.

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