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Discover Reason Code P

Discover Chargeback Reason Code P: Discover Network ATM Transaction – Partial Funds Dispensed


The Cardholder participated and completed an ATM transaction but received partial cash or load partial transaction amount instead of full transaction amount.

Most Common Causes
  • Merchant did not issue any refund what was requested from the cardholder.
  • Merchant issued only partial amount instead of full amount requested from the cardholder.
Evidence Required
  • Provide the copy of ATM cash transaction or Load transaction record showing cardholder’s account number, transaction date and time.
  • If credit was issued to the cardholder, just provide the proof of refund.
  • In Europe, provide dispute resolution form and letter from the cardholder, if he is disputing 3 or more such transactions happened within 15 calendar days.
  • Provide ATM audit log that shows funds have been provided or dispensed.
  • None
Common Examples
  1. George went to an ATM to withdraw some cash with his Discover debit card. He demands to withdraw $200 but receives $150 only. Thinking of an error in the machine and that only $150 would be charge to him, he moves on to another machine and withdraws another $50. Later he checks his account to find out that he was charged with $200+$50 as ATM withdrawal. He double checks his receipts to find out that only $150 was processed in the first transaction and hence decides to dispute the charge under the Reason Code P: Discover Network ATM Transaction- Partial Funds Dispensed.

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