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Discover Reason Code RG

Discover Chargeback Reason Code RG: Non-Receipt of Goods or Services


The issuing bank received a claim from the cardholder that merchandise or services ordered were not received or that the order was cancelled due to the delay in the delivery of merchandise or services. The most common causes of this chargeback reason code are when services are not provided, merchandise is not shipped, transaction is billed prior to shipping the merchandise or when merchandise is not sent by the agreed upon delivery date.

Most Common Causes

The merchant:

  • Did not send the goods/service by the agreed delivery date.
  • Didn’t clearly mention the expected shipping date and arrival date for the order.
  • Didn’t deliver the goods or provide the service as per in the agreement.
  • Billed the cardholder before delivering the merchandise.
  • Didn’t make goods available for pick-up upon agreement.
Evidence Required
  • If the Goods or services were shipped or provided by the agreed upon shipping date, provide proof of delivery, delivery receipt signed by the cardholder or shipping confirmation that the Goods and Services were shipped to the correct address. The cardholder’s signature on a receipt and proof of delivery to the billing address of the card will make a better chance of chargeback reversal. For services like online login or software download, provide delivery confirmation via email or an electronic download delivery confirmation service.
  • If the Goods or Services have not set shipping date or have not been shipped yet, and the chargebacks are received in less than 30 days since the order, provide an order receipt and also provide the expected delivery date.
  • If the Goods or Services have not been shipped, but there is a set shipping date, provide a copy of the order receipt, invoice, or other information showing the expected shipping date.
  • If the Goods or Services were shipped after the agreed shipping date, provide the proof of delivery and proper acceptance of the cardholder at the correct shipping address.
  • If services were delivered, show the date services were given on and proof of services like signed order receipt, email confirmation, invoice etc.
  • If delivery of goods or services are delayed, advise or notify the customer in writing and make available an expected shipping date. Provide the cardholder the option if he wants to continue with the order or cancels it.
  • For future delivery of Goods or services, clearly mention the expected shipping date and delivery date on the invoice or order receipt.
  • For services rendered, provide a signed order receipt or invoice showing receipt of services.
  • For delivered merchandise, no need to provide order receipts until the product has been shipped.
Common Examples
  1. Linda ordered a new dress online. It’s been over the time frame of the merchant’s shipping policy and she didn’t receive the dress yet. Now Linda has two options, either contact the merchant and request the information on her dress, OR contact her bank and start a dispute with the Reason Code RG- Services Not Receipt of Goods or Services.
  2. George signed up for porn subscription services online. The site mention that George is to receive the logins for his member area via email. It’s been over 15 days; George has kept his cool, but never received any such email. He tried calling the porn site company and it would always direct to a voicemail. Now George has contacted his bank to start a dispute with the Reason Code RG- Services Not Receipt of Goods or Services.

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