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Discover Reason Code RM

Discover Chargeback Reason Code RM – Cardholder Disputes Quality of Goods or Services


The cardholder disputes the chargeback relating to the transaction that matches the quality requirements throughout the deal between the cardholder and merchant. If merchant provides documentation signed by the cardholder this chargeback may be inverted indicating that the cardholder approved the quality of goods and service. The merchant should provide that evidence of issued credit.

Most Common Causes
  • If the cardholder does not identify the purchasing or the card sale.
  • Cardholder states that the merchant did not describe the goods or service and did not get as expected.
  • When the cardholder did not get the product as described from advertising then denied the shipment then transaction is the dispute.
  • When the currency exchange or replacement made, cardholder claim did not conduct in the relationship with the Card Sale.
Evidence Required
  • If the received goods or service were not as required or advertised, this reason code is valid for eligibility of disputes.
  • Merchant must present evidence satisfactorily that cardholder claim was fixed directly with them.
  • Proof of the description of the policy of the merchant which comply with them to the quality of goods or services.
  • Proof that the disputed transaction was initiated because Cardholder inconvenient.
  • The currency exchange or replacement made, cardholder claim did not conduct in the relationship with the Card Sale, provide proof.
  • The issuer may initiate this reason code if the cardholder provides effectively proof at the time of Dispute.
  • Provide proof that the merchant issued the credit to the account of cardholder for the amount directed to dispute.
  • The merchant should provide the document to indicate that cardholder signed that order for correction of the feature of goods or services.
  • Provided documentation transaction signed by the cardholder indicating that the customer accepted the quality of the product.
  • If the customer refused an effort by the acquirer to correct the quality of goods or services, provide documentation.
  • If the customer never cancelled or refused the goods or services and have an authority of goods or services, provide that document.
  • If issuer proves that the customer was disappointed in fixing the claim possesses with the acquirer may the buyer initiate a controversy using this reason code so firstly try to fix the claim directly with the acquirer.

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