Wow Summit In Dubai

WOW Summit Dubai
Start date: October 8, 2023
End date: October 9, 2023
Time: 10:00 am
Location: Atlantis The Royal, Dubai

Prepare to indulge in the most luxurious and exclusive Web3 event of the year! WOW Summit Dubai 2023 is coming, and it promises to be an extraordinary experience for the high-profile and celebrated few.

Following its unparalleled success in Lisbon and Hong Kong, this event is the ultimate gathering of the world’s most distinguished industry leaders, government officials, funds and VCs, NFT and digital artists, entrepreneurs, and multinational corporates.

Dubai, the Global Capital of Web 3.0 and NFT Marketplace, is the perfect destination for this event. With over 1,000 company headquarters in the country, the UAE is already a burgeoning metaverse space.

Join us at WOW Summit Dubai 2023 for an unparalleled experience of luxury, exclusivity, and innovation.

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