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MasterCard Reason Code 4849

Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 4849: Questionable Merchant Activity


Mastercard has been issued a global liability shift program for ecommerce transactions. A chargeback is filed under this reason when an acquirer bank processed a transaction for a credit card accepted and later recognized in the list of Mastercard violation.

Most Common Causes

The merchant:

  • The transaction falls under the Global Security Bulletin of Mastercard.
  • The acquirer name, acquirer ID, merchant name and its location are lister in the Global Security Bulletin under Global Merchant Audit Program (GMAP).
  • The issue is not resolved within time frame specified in the procedure manual and in security rules.
  • The issuer did not report the transaction under SAFE within time frame.
  • The transaction is not processed within the specified period in merchant agreement.
Evidence Required
  • If the first chargeback was correct and the acquirer bank failed to change the dispute properly, the issuer may continue the chargeback with the same reason code originally processed.
  • If the situation requires any other reason, the issuer must process the arbitration chargeback using the proper reason code.
  • If the acquirer bank lost data file requested submit the form found in the back of the procedure manual and security rules.

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  • Process all the transactionsat hybrid terminals.
  • If found counterfeit fraud report it to SAFE product user guide of Mastercard.
  • Keep record in a chip transaction and authorization message request should be approved by issuer.
  • Time frame for these chargebacks is 120 calendar days from the Global Security Bulletin publication date.
Common Examples:
  1. None.

Chargeback Prevention