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MasterCard Reason Code 4859

Mastercard Reason Code 4859: Addendum, No-show, or ATM Dispute


The Cardholder participated and completed an ATM or an automated cash payment transaction but did not receive cash or received only partial amount. Cardholder claims that merchandise or services ordered were not received or that the order was cancelled due to the delay in the delivery of merchandise or services.

Most Common Causes
  • Merchant did not issue any refund what was requested from the cardholder.
  • Merchant issued only partial amount instead of full amount requested from the cardholder.
  • Merchant billed the cardholder before delivering the merchandise.
  • Merchant didn’t mention clearly the expected shipping date and arrival date for the order.
Evidence Required
  • Provide the copy of ATM cash transaction or ATM audit record showing cardholder’s account number, transaction date and time.
  • If credit was issued to the cardholder, just provide the proof of refund.
  • Provide ATM audit tape of an internal transaction report that shows a financial activity that happened just before and after the transaction.

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Common Examples
  1. Linda bought few beauty products at a store and asked them to deliver at her home address. As was on holidays and traveling, she gets back to her home after few weeks of the purchase. She finds out that the products have not being delivered to her and therefore contacts the merchant. The merchant refuses to make a refund or act on the issue, on which Linda decides to dispute the charge under the Reason Code 4859: Addendum, No-show, or ATM Dispute.
  2. Linda was in urgent need of cash at a subway station so she decides to go to a nearby ATM and withdraw cash. She requests for a certain amount and completes the process to later find out that she received only a portion of the cash amount requested. She therefore takes the matter to her bank and files a dispute under the Reason Code 4859: Addendum, No-show, or ATM Dispute.

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