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Resolve Disputes on Your Terms


Most customers go to their issuing bank to dispute a transaction, leaving you no opportunity to provide a resolution and avoid a dispute.


Chargeback Expertz RESOLVE solution enables sellers to proactively resolve non-fraud and confi rmed fraud disputes with a refund or cancellation.

Dispute Resolution

Resolve fraud and non-fraud at pre-dispute stage before a formal dispute is escalated

Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR)
Auto-decision pre-dispute cases with participating Visa RDR issuers using a robust decision engine customized by seller for real-time resolution

Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™)
Resolve pre-disputes directed by participating Chargeback Expertz issuers within 72 hours by seller-initiated refund

How RESOLVE Works for You

  • Customer contacts issuer with a transaction dispute
  • Dispute is routed to RESOLVE solution
  • Chargeback Expertz Disputes: Dispute paused by issuer for seller-directed resolution
  • Visa RDR Disputes: Participating RDR issuer directs dispute through decision engine for automatic resolution
  • Customer dispute resolved

Benefits of Rapid Dispute Resolution

Visa RDR Disputes
RDR disputes are resolved automatically through Chargeback Expertz decision engine

Chargeback ExpertzDisputes
Receive notifi cations of disputes in near real-time on closed-loop network and resolve with a refund or cancellation

Avoid Monitoring Programs
Prevent fi ling of pending disputes through prompt resolution to protect seller account

Global Dispute Prevention

Expanded Global Network Coverage with Chargeback Expertz and Visa Issuers

Chargeback Prevention