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Visa Reason Code 79

Visa Chargeback Reason Code 79: Non-receipt of Sales Draft


The cardholder may ask for specific information regarding the transaction, and further cardholder’s bank goes to the merchant and requests information with an explanation. If merchant does not respond with a legible copy of the transaction and its authorization proof, then cardholder may file the chargeback.

Most Common Causes
  • Merchant did not respond to the issuer on Retrieval Request or Sales Draft.
  • If cardholder did not receive credit when he requested for the same.
  • The original receipt is not readable because of light print.
  • Copy of the order receipt are too small to read or unclear.
Evidence Required
  • Merchant should provide printout of the credit to merchant bank. If issued money order or a check; submit a copy of front and back of canceled receipt.
  • Ensure that the refund if partially issued then why full refund was not issued.
  • Accept the chargeback, if credit was not processed.

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  • You should keep record of all retrieval requests.
  • Recheck your record for confirmation which you are sending for chargeback requests.
  • Chargeback with this reason code doesn’t have reversal rights even if merchant does not react within time frame on retrieval request.
  • Merchant should be quick in responding retrieval requests as they occur.
Common Example
  1. Linda was having issues with her laptop for which she asked technical support to assist her with her system. The company successfully fixed the error and Linda’s laptop was alive again. A bill was generated and Linda was asked to pay a certain amount. She requested the merchant to give her a detailed bill with pricing of each issue that they fixed. The merchant refused to give details. Linda thought that she was overcharged and after not being able to receive full information of the bill from the merchant, she decides to dispute the charge under the Reason Code 79: Non Receipt of Sale Draft
  2. George buys a speaker from an online electronic store. After opening the box, he finds out that one of the operators of the speakers is broken. He complains to the store and requests for a refund on which the merchant says that he would receive it in 3 business days. On the fourth day, George checks his account to find out that he has been refunded only a part of the total amount. He calls back to the merchant and he refuses to refund the full amount leaving George with no choice but to dispute the amount under the Reason Code 79: Non Receipt of Sales Draft

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