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How to Prevent Chargebacks

How to Prevent Chargebacks

How to Prevent Chargebacks Chargebacks are something every merchant should be prepared for. Online Fraud detection lead to Fraud Prevention. If your customers raises dispute with their issuing bank the money will be reimbursed to them immediately. Now it is upon you to prove chargeback was not correct by proving that transaction was a valid transaction. You can never stop your customer to stop raising disputes but there exist chargeback prevention system to reduce such kind of disputes. Chargeback prevention is something that is critical from business point of view.

Detection of fraud transaction

There are fraudsters who use other people’s card and do online transactions. You should have proper transaction monitoring and as soon as you came to know about fraud transaction, immediately refund the same. If you do not refund it, there are possibilities that in the future the actual cardholder raises dispute.

Descriptor Name

The most critical reason why the chargebacks are experienced are because customers do not recognize the payments. Your descriptor name is what appears on customer’s bank statements. It should not be different from your business name or your legal name. When the Payment Gateway provider call the customers for validating transactions and they failed to recognize the payment they will surely raise the disputes.

Be Available

I understand, this is something hard I am asking you but this can prevent the chargebacks. Your website should have some sort of customer care number and business email id where they can raise their concern before going to banks. As per law, disputes can be raised by the customer till 2 years from the date of transaction but generally banks have policies of accepting disputes till 6 months from the date of transactions. You can hold the customer if their queries are properly addressed.

Product Details

Your website should have proper details, images of the product. It should never be the case when the product is delivered, customer opens it and says, “Oh god, this was not something I ordered” The chances are more that customer will raise dispute.

Deliver product in time

Don’t hold your customer money for long. If the product is not delivered to the customer within the time frame, and their queries are not answered in time, they will ask for the refunds from their issuing bank and you will get chargeback.

Offer Refunds

I know this is something that is tough but you have too. Chargeback is something that was created to safeguard customers. In case something wrong has happened. Initiate refund and prevent chargebacks.

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Prevent Chargebacks

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