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How to Manage Authorization Chargeback Errors of Different Card Networks?

Chargeback Reason Codes

Manage Chargebacks Caused by Processing Errors – The Card Network uses various rules or the reason codes in order to avoid any misuse of the payment processing. Visa has recently updated the reason codes to avoid any chargeback abuse. Furthermore, the merchant also uses the benefits of the reason codes to dodge false chargeback claims.
If you are a merchant and looking for the methods to manage chargeback caused by processing errors. Then you can take help of this article to better understand Chargebacks.
The processing error is very common and if you use the card payment methods then you must have faced this error. Visa has designed 6 different chargeback reason codes to manage chargeback caused by processing errors. Each of these reason codes are described and discussed below.

Reason Code 71 – Late Presentment

This kind of reason code occurs when the transaction is not processed within the required time. This kind of error occurs when the merchant forgets to submit the receipt to the acquirer in the given time frame. To manage and avoid the reason code 71, a merchant can take help from these steps:

  • If the sales receipt is deposited on time then contact the acquirer to deposit the copy to the issuer.
  • In case the sale receipt is late then you should accept the chargeback. Especially when you are 180 days old or the cardholder’s account is closed.
  • To avoid the reason code 71 you can simply deposit the sales receipt on time to the acquirer.
  • Furthermore, you use the electronic methods to submit your sales details such as point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

For more tips to Manage Chargeback Caused by Processing Errors and avoid reason code 71, contact Chargeback Expertz.

Reason Code 76 –  Incorrect Currency or Transaction Code

When the issuer receives an error due to wrong transaction code – the incorrect currency usage. This kind of error is common in the overseas transaction. This kind of error occurs when the customer refuses to pay in the currency of the merchant. Or when the merchant forgets transaction details of the country where the transaction occurred.

  • There are plenty of cases that can lead to the reason code 76. Here are some methods to avoid them altogether.
  • Firstly, use Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and if you are going to chargeback the customer for the conversion then notify them before the billing.
  • Choose your market carefully. Otherwise, the customer will pay you in your local currency.

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Reason Code 80 – Incorrect Transaction Amount or Account Number

This reason code works when the issuer receives an error related to the incorrect amount transaction. Such error occurs when the merchant enters the wrong amount during the transaction. If a merchant faces the reason code 80 then there are two possible ways for the merchant to rectify.

  • Carry out the correct transaction amount within 30 days to avoid a chargeback.
  • Otherwise, accept the chargeback.

To prevent the reason 80, you can check out this list:

  • Make sure you enter the correct details, especially the transaction amount before asking the customer to make the payment.
  • If you make any error mistakenly then inform the customer and carry out the correct transaction.

For more tips on how to Manage Chargeback Caused by Processing Errors, get to one of our experts at Chargeback Expertz.

Reason Code 82 – Duplicate Processing

As the name suggests, the reason code 82 occurs when the transaction is processed twice. Merchants should not use these practices for their business. Otherwise, they can face chargeback, penalty, and merchant account freeze. To avoid the reason code 82, you can use this guide:

  • Enter transaction once and be transparent to the customer.
  • Train your employees to handle the transactions efficiently.
  • Carelessness should definitely be avoided.

If you want to know more methods to avoid and manage chargeback caused by processing errors. Contact Chargeback Expertz at the toll-free number for the assistance.

Reason Code 86 – Paid by Other Means

This happens when the customers claim that transactions are carried out by other means such as cash or another card. One example of such errors is when a customer pays using the card and when the transaction is complete, the customer decides to pay by cash. Then put the previous card transaction under the chargeback.

  • This is a very typical error that requires proper attention.
  • If your staff is not properly trained then this error is most likely to occur.
  • The only possible method to avoid such error is by simply being more careful.

If you are unable to Manage Chargeback Caused by Processing Errors then you need an expert to help with the issues. Contact Chargeback Expertz at the toll-free number +1 (855)465-4723.

Reason Code 96 – Transaction Exceeds Limited Amount

When the issuer gets the notification that the transaction limit of the merchant has increased the base amount. Every merchant is given a transaction amount limit, but in case this limit is crossed the merchant will be subjected to the fine.

  • In order to avoid this error, you need to add transaction limit to your POS terminal.
  • Furthermore, you can guide your employees about the Transaction limit.

If you wish to Manage Chargebacks Caused by Processing Errors then you can get the guidance from an expert. In order to reach an expert, simply contact Chargeback Expertz at the toll-free number +1 855-465-4723.

Chargeback Expertz offers assistance related to the issues such as Chargeback Representment and Chargeback Management. You can contact us using the 24/7 available toll-free number.

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