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Banks Investigate Disputes on Debit Cards


As many around the globe are accepting digitization, people are choosing to use cashless methods of transactions. And one of the methods for the cashless transaction is through a Debit Card. A debit card allows you to make payment directly from your bank account without involving cash.

As fascinating as it seems, there is also a downside to this method of payment. If the customer gets into some issue regarding the purchase, he might wonder was it better to use a credit card instead? But you shouldn’t worry; the banks investigate disputes on Debit Cards very carefully.

When using a credit card, in case of any fraudulent act, the user does not need to deal with the seller, thanks to the federal Truth in Lending Act and the Fair Credit Billing Act. The consumer does not have the same right with the Debit Card.

Here are Some Situations that can Cause a Dispute

  • The Product(s)weren’t received – You placed an order and made the necessary payment. But then the item you purchased, never arrived at your doorstep.
  • The Item is not as described – You visited the store and choose the product you want. After the payment, the end product you received was faulty, shaggy and not the one you were presented with.
  • The Merchant charged you wrongly – There was supposed to be a discount on the item you purchased. But at time of payment, the merchant refused to give the discount and charged you more.

Your case of dispute can be different from above-listed ones. The first thing you can try, in order get your money back, is to talk to the merchant. After all, the merchant wouldn’t want to lose a customer.
However, if the matter is not resolved then you can approach the bank and the bank would then investigate the dispute.

How to Register your Dispute?

You contacted the respective merchant regarding the purchase and got no response? Now is the time to inform your bank and get your money back in your account. Here is how you should take of your case.

  • Contact the Bank – You can call the Bank at their Customer Support number or visit the nearby branch. Here you can register your complaint.
  • Explain your Situation – Tell the bank about your situation and explain to them why you are right. You can also present your case with a proof to support your claim.

After you register your case, the bank will take charge and help you investigate the issue. For more details got to “Banks Investigate Disputes on Debit Cards”.

How do Banks conduct their Investigation?

After you have placed your request for a refund, the bank conducts their investigation. The general method that is followed when Banks Investigate Disputes on Debit Cards goes as below:

  • The bank will contact the merchant and tell them about your case. If your case is strong and you have provided the necessary proofthe Bank will ask the merchant to give you your rightful money back.
  • The bank will also guide you and tell you about the chargeback reason code as per to your situation.
  • If the merchant denies giving the refund then the case will be taken to the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).
  • Otherwise, you will get your refund in about 7-10 business days.
  • In case, the bank decides you will not get the money back then again you can go to the CFPB.
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will get to the bank and ask for their investigation report and the proof provided by you.
  • After the complete analysis of your complaint, if your case holds your entire claim then you will get your money refunded.

How to build a Strong case against Disputes on Debit Card?

  • Keep all the bills and receipts related to the order with you.
  • Conduct your own investigation and identify the charge.
  • Do not share your debit card and bank account details with anyone else.
  • Get yourself informed about chargeback and chargeback reason codes.
  • If you are suspicious that your debit card is used without your authorization, contact the bank.

If you are facing difficulty in understanding the Banks Investigate Disputes on Debit Cards, call us. We can help you understand the Chargeback process and guide you to get your refund. Chargeback services can be tricky to understand. We can help you with your dispute;we are just a call away.

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