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What to do When Customers Force Chargeback?

Customers force chargeback

Customers force chargeback – Sometimes, it gets really tricky to tackle the customer disputes for a merchant. Moreover, the banks have really strict and strong laws to handle chargebacks and disputes. With constantly updating protocols, the banks are still trying to create laws that are foolproof. But in the current situation, many customers force chargeback that result in loss of revenue of the merchant. In order to protect your business from incuring losses, you will need the help of an expert. Chargeback Expertz can help you manage and reduce chargebacks.

In this blog, we will discuss the meaning of chargeback then get into the steps to tackle them. Disputes can be frustrating for the merchant to handle. Especially when the customers force chargeback. So, the merchant can take help from this blog and try to reduce the number of disputes.

Types of Chargeback

  • Fraudulent Chargeback – As you know that the laws against the chargeback are very strict. So, when a customer reports a chargeback the banks instantly works on it to provide the customer with the sense of security. But some users misuse the laws for their own benefits and force chargeback against the business. This is when a merchant faces loss caused by a fraudulent chargeback.
  • Merchant Mistake – Sometimes, the merchant also sells or deliver a faulty product and refuses to take back the item. In such case the customer lodge a chargeback request, which gives the merchant a time limit to respond. Otherwise, the merchant can be subjected to a fine.
  • Friendly Fraud– This happenswhen the customer has no information about the chargeback procedure. So, when they receive a faulty item, instead of asking for a refund from the merchant, they simply apply for a chargeback.

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How to Handle a Fraudulent Chargeback?

The customers force chargeback because they know that the chargeback reason codes are designed for the customer’s benefits.

Before getting started, you should get yourself updated about the chargeback reason codes. These laws can help you build your case and fight against the chargeback. If the customers force chargeback then you can take help of these laws and tackle the situation.

Here is the list of steps that can help fight chargeback efficiently.

  • Keep a record of every transaction.
  • The merchant can also respond to the chargeback as fraudulent by providing evidence supporting the statement.
  • If you are determined to fight against the chargeback then you may need the help of an expert.
  • Most of the chargeback reported are either fraudulent or friendly frauds. So, you need to make a list of customers with a huge number of chargeback history.
  • A list of blacklisted customers can help you dotch the fraudulent chargeback.

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How to Handle a Chargeback causedby the Merchant’s Mistake?

Generally, the customers force chargeback when there is any mistake from the merchant’s side. If the error occurred from your side as a Merchant then it is ideal to accept the mistake and try to find the middle ground with the customer. For that, you need to maintain a healthy relationship with all your customers and they should know that you are always available to provide them the best service.

Here is a list of steps you can take to handle the situation in order to avoid dispute.

  • Let your customer know that you are available for them to resolve their issues.
  • This step will let your customer know that you will provide them with refund or replacement in case of any issue with the product.
  • Otherwise, they will directly apply for the chargeback without asking the merchant, which can lead tofriendly fraud.
  • If the customers force chargeback then you can fight chargeback by providing the list of the documents as evidence in the response to the chargeback.

If you are looking for guided steps to file the Chargeback Representment then you can reach an expert at Chargeback Expertz.

How to Handle Friendly Fraud?

If the customer is trying friendly fraud, which could affect your business then you must take some preventive steps. As per the records, most of the reported chargebacks are friendly frauds. That means most of the time customer does not know about the other alternative to get a refund so they directly go to the bank and file the chargeback.

If your business is facing such issues then it is high time you take this issue seriously and try to prevent the friendly fraud. It is really hard to distinguish between an actual fraud and a friendly fraud. But here are some things that you can try to prevent the damage to your business.

  • Make sure you convey the message to your customers that you provide refund or replacement. Also, explain your terms and conditions for the replacement or refund of goods.
  • If you find one or more suspicious customer that has high chargeback rate, blacklist them.
  • Try to make things clear from your side to the customer in order to avoid any misunderstanding that could lead to a dispute.
  • If the customers force chargeback then you can choose to fight against the chargeback.

Finally, get an expert to handle your issues that can also help you gain more profit by preventing a chargeback. You can get q chargeback specialist at Chargeback Expertz. You can also visit our website and try the toll-free number+1 (855) 465 – 4723for a 24/7 on-call service.

Customers force chargeback

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