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5 Tips for Creating the Best Chargeback Response

Chargeback Response

Chargeback Response – A merchant has a specific time limit when it comes to responding to chargeback. If not done, the issuing bank can press charges on the merchant. But at the same time, a merchant needs to be very careful when responding to a chargeback. If a merchant makes any mistake while presenting the response, he can be subjected to a heavy fine.

The merchant has the option to consult an expert for the desired counseling. If you are a merchant and want to avail an expert opinion then you can contact Chargeback Expertz to get. Contact us at the toll-free number+1 (888) 901-8653 or use Skype to reach us, our services are available 24/7.

Here are some tips for the Merchants to design their Chargeback Response-

Easy to Understand

When preparing the documents in the response of the chargeback, make sure you keep it to the point. No one wants to read the entire description of your business and performance. The banks deal with many such claimeach day. And to save their time, you should keep your documents brief and precise.

Everything should be easy to understand and short. Only send the sufficient documents along with your chargeback response. If you want you can highlight and bold the important parts of the document for easy access.

Highlight the Terms and Conditions

As we have discussed in many of our blogs before that the merchants must clearly mention their terms and condition, especially the refund or return policies.

  • When a chargeback is logged, the merchant can use the terms and conditions in his response file.
  • If the customer claims an irrelevant chargeback then the terms and condition can help the merchant with that dispute.
  • Make sure to also present the documents signed by the customer.

Clarify Transaction Details

Another important document that you need to put in your Chargeback response is the payment details.

  • The document stating the mode of the payment.
  • Proof that the customer made the payment, not any other person, if possible.
  • If the customer bought the product from the store then you can show the video recording of the payment.

All these details of the transaction can help you show that the transaction is initiated and completed by the customer only and is legitimate.

For more information on this particular point contact Chargeback Expertz.

Present Documents Provinga Successful Delivery

Many customers have a delivery related dispute. The merchant needs to be really careful with the delivery. The goods can get damaged while delivering the product. It is the duty of the merchant to securely deliver the product and in time.

  • The merchant needs to show a strong proof of the delivery in the chargeback response.
  • The merchant can show the signed document by the customer upon successful delivery.
  • The merchant can also take the help of live tracking of product and keep the record of tracking.

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Take Help of Acquiring Bank

The Acquiring bank is the merchant’s bank. They are the one who handles the merchant’s side of the transaction. Also, the merchant gets the notification of the chargeback from the acquiring bank. They are on your side because no bank wants to give away the money.

  • If you are a merchant then you should know that the chargeback is also difficult for your bank.
  • You can contact them and present your chargeback response.
  • Then they will help you in adding the required details and removing the one that is not required.

Lastly, review and re-review the documents before sending them as your chargeback response. Every merchant faces the Representment, the one with skills can easily diverge the chargeback bullets.

Get Help from Chargeback Expertz

All the above-listed tips are time-consuming and tricky for someone who has never experiencedChargeback Representment. If you are one of such people then you need the professional guidance. Chargeback Expertz can help you with the guidance you need. We can provide you with the tips and tricks to avoid chargeback in the first place. Also, help you prepare the appropriate chargeback response.

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Chargeback Response

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