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Tips for a Successful Chargeback Reversal


Chargeback can be shocking surprise for your business.  Chargeback occurs when your customer raise the dispute in their bank against your business.  The issuing bank then start investigation against your business, take money away from you and provide it to customer.  At initial stage the money is reversed on a temporary basis and you are provided enough time to provide the Representment to banks to save the chargeback and your funds.  Fraud detection at early stage also help you reducing the chargeback cases. Having a proper risk management team in your business also saves you from disputes.

There are few tips which may help you and your business to reverse the chargeback and win the dispute.

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Know the reason for the chargeback

Know why your customer has raised the chargeback. Do the proper analysis. Try to find if you have any proof of the transaction made by the customer. Any emails, call recordings or proof of delivery. The risk management team can do this task properly.

Contact the customer

Ask your risk management team to try and contact your customer. Know the reason why your customer is unhappy and raised the dispute. Some customers raise the chargeback because they don’t remember the descriptor name. Talk to them and ask what you can do to make things work.


Collect all the documents which prove that the product was ordered by the customer and was delivered too. If possible take the customer authorization and signature while delivering the product.


Make sure you have proper evidences to dispute against the chargeback. If you had the conversation over the phone, have proper call recording of the same. Keep email conversation saved with you. If you have any agreement with the customer, save the copy of the same with you too.


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  • Respond In time: Do not delay in responding to chargebacks. You will generally have 7 days to represent it. If the bank finds your evidences compelling, they will surely contact the customer to provide more information. If you provide correct and all documents as well evidences at first place, there are chances that you will be able to reverse the chargeback.

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  • Hire Professionals: No matter how old your business is or you are a sole trader, it is always better to hire professionals.  You don’t need to do everything yourself. Take a help from the chargeback prevention company as they have more knowledge about the processes and they know how the things will be managed. Your reputation as well as your profits are also depends upon the chargebacks. Partnering with chargeback prevention companies will help you earn more revenue and recover losses. You can also contact us.

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Chargeback Reversal

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