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The 5 Modern Challenges of eCommerce


Challenge 1: Friendly Online Fraud

Friendly Fraud occurs when the customers make the payment through their own cardsand then raise the dispute in their issuing banks even after receiving the products and services. The cardholders are just faking here and just taking help of the loopholes of the law. Banks generally believe consumer is always right as chargebacks were actually created to protect the cardholder against fraudulent transactions.

Solution: Whenever the consumer raises the dispute, bank assigns certain reason code that is shared with the merchant. Generally customer says the transaction is unauthorized. The reason codes as per visa guidelines are 81 when card was present and payment was not authorized by the customer and 83 when the customer is unaware of the online transaction. Master, Amex and Discover have their own codes.  The merchants needs not to believe on these codes as they are used without any reason and have to find the actual reason of the chargeback and should retain their hard earned money. The chargeback should be represented with all evidences so that banks have to conduct proper due diligence. We provide the chargeback protection against online fraud. Our experts team helps in saving your funds.

Challenge 2: How should buyers trust sellers?

Consumers expect hassle free approach to shopping. Seamlessly they can move from one device to other without losing the data. You should be able to provide them their purchase history, order history, easy to pay method. There should be proper way to receive the order details over the phone or email. The irrelevant data should be removed so that it should not create any hassle. The merchant should use best marketing policies, retention policies and after sales service.

Solution: Even if the customer raises dispute against online transaction, if you know your customer there are chances that chargeback will be in your favor.  Gaining the consumer’s trust is the basic need for the business to grow. We have our expert team who works with the merchant to provide best consumer service to the customers.  Once we identify the issues with merchant, we through our modern tools improve them so that chargebacks can be reduced.

Challenge 3: Integration Problem and Fraud Filters

Order management system, customer support, dispatch system, tracking system etc. are applications that can increase the experience of the customer across the buying. But if customer faces hurdles during buying journey it could ruin customer’s experience. These days’ customers use different email id patterns, phone numbers because of which transaction passes and merchant does not have any data base. Many a times even a high risk transaction looks genuine.

Solution: Fraud filters are effective tools in preventing fraud. The high risk transaction will be hitting but will get declined due to risk parameters.  A static solution can end up costing merchants more than they save. Technical team of yours can integrate the systems seamlessly, synchronizing available information across all systems and displaying it in a single interface.

Challenge 4: Customers’ Issues and Customer Loyalty

Have you ever thought what the basic reason behind getting chargebacks is? The main reason behind the scenario is that customer queries are not getting resolved and they prefer to reach their banks and file a dispute against your company. Even sometimes if they have received the product they bought doing online transaction, but the product was not up to the mark and you have stopped answering to their queries they will file the dispute against you. Others are way where customer is unaware of the transaction that took place.

Solution: You should have proper ticketing solutions and easy to use interfaces. Your customer support team should properly and carefully handle each and every query of the customer. It should also be taken care that queries which are on high priorities should be taken care first. If you take care of your customers in a proper manner they will be loyal to your business and will buy from your website and this will increase your revenue.  Even if you receive the chargeback after then, you should have a proper chargeback supporting document to present it in correct manner and you can win the dispute.

Challenge 5:  Manual Review

Manual review is the basic necessity of the ecommerce business to decrease online fraud.  Fraudsters today have learnt new techniques of doing fraud.  Whenever there will be any sale, discounts, high volume transactions taking place on your website they will jump in doing online fraud.  If you fail to do manual review it will decrease revenues of the business. If the merchant accepts all the high risk business transactions, eventually it will decrease revenue as well as reputation.

Solution: Manual review is the basic necessity which will increase consumer satisfactions as well as profits of the business.  You should have a proper team which should do the monitoring of all the transactions that take place and take steps if any high risk transaction is found.  You can also outsource the same if you found it costly.

Chargeback expertz have the effective team that can take care of all the chargebacks whether it is a friendly fraud or any other. We have a chargeback prevention system and team that can take care of all your chargebacks before they appears. Contact us today to know more!

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