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Understand the Chargeback Lifecycle to Deal with Transaction Went Wrong Chargeback?


Transaction Went Wrong- Chargeback – A Transaction can go wrong in many ways and due to many reasons. And these transaction issues are very common in all kind of payment methods including the cash payment, card transactions, Internet banking and more. The merchant is the one who faces the most issue when a transaction goes wrong. Moreover, the chargeback is one of the major issues that can be caused due to a transaction issue.
Here, we are discussing the chargeback and the timeline. This can be a chargeback guide for the merchant, which can help them to reduce the chargeback. For more information or any issue related to the chargeback, contact the Chargeback Expertz at the toll-free number +1(855) 465-4723.


The Lifecycle of a Chargeback

Every chargeback case falls under any of the card networks and follow these general paths. A merchant should know about the chargeback to prevent cases like Transaction Went Wrong- Chargeback.

Cardholder Dispute

  • The cardholder files the dispute related to any transaction problem. This can be due to fraud, unnecessary billing, product defect etc.

Issuer Review

  • The Issuers bank looks after the matter and informs the merchant regarding the purchase. If the case seems legitimate then the card network is informed about the case.

Card Network

  • The case is now taken to the acquirer bank by the card network. The card network also presents all the details regarding the case to the acquirer.

Acquirer Review

  • Now the acquirer looks into the case and presents the documentation or evidence to nullify the chargeback claims. If the chargeback is legitimate, the merchant offers the resolution. Otherwise, the evidence against the chargeback is representative to the issuer.

Merchant Response

  • If the merchant has no evidence or the case seems legit then the merchant accepts the chargeback and returns the money.


  • In case, the merchant has any compelling evidence to support their case, it can be represented to the issuer along with the proper documents.

Acquirer Review

  • The case is again reviewed by the acquirer and reported to the card network.

Card Network

  • The Card Network now looks after the various claims. If the evidence seems acceptable, it will be transmitted to the issuer.

Issuer Review

  • Now the issuer has options, either to accept the Representment or to submit dispute against the merchant’s claim causing arbitration.

Network Arbitration

  • After looking after all the evidence from issuer and acquirer, the card network gives the final verdict.

Final Verdict

  • The card network’s decision is put into action and, either the merchant accepts the chargeback or wins the case.

The Conclusion – Chargeback Triangle

As you can see, this is a long process that includes so many steps. It is initiated by the customer. But the merchant is one who has to go through all the trouble. And filling a Representment requires a great knowledge of the Chargeback.
Also, there are many popular cases of the transaction fraud and chargeback fraud. Dealing with all this while managing the business can be too much for a merchant. If this is the case with you then get to Chargeback Expertz now. Moreover, trying the preventive steps can reduce the Transaction Went Wrong Chargeback.

Questions to be Asked – Chargeback Expertz

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Here is the list of questions. If you are a merchant then you must know answers to these. Feel free to contact Chargeback Expertz at the toll-free number+1 855-465-4723. We provide assistance to the merchant with Representation and chargeback management.


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