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Understand the Chargeback Processing Cycle for MasterCard Transactions

Chargeback Processing

Chargeback Processing Cycle for MasterCard Transactions – Chargeback is a well-known name for each card network. Also, the Card Networks have slightly different rules and methods to deal with the excessive chargebacks. The banks hate chargeback or fraud, as it creates disturbance in the flow of currency. Hence, the bank puts the limit to the number of chargebacks allowed to the merchant. Now as discussed, the card networks use different protocols or reason codes. Similarly, the MasterCard has its own set of reason codes. Also, the chargeback processing cycle for MasterCard Transactions is easy to understand. In this article, we are discussing the chargeback processing cycle for MasterCard transactions.

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MasterCard Chargeback Reason Codes

Even if the merchant uses the best security system and protocol, hewill receive a chargeback from its customers or bank. However, if the merchant has the information related to chargeback reason code, they can dodge many issues in future.

Reason Code Description Time Limit (Issuer) Time Limit (Acquirer)
4807 Requested/Required Item Illegible or Missing 45 45
4808 Authorization-related Chargeback 90 45
4812 Account Number Not on File 45 45
4831 Transaction Amount Differs 120 45
 4834  Point-of-Interaction Error  120  45
 4837  No Cardholder Authorization  120  45
 4840  Fraudulent Processing of Transactions  120  45
 4841  Canceled Recurring or Digital Goods Transactions  120  45
 4842  Late Representment  120  45
 4846  Correct Transaction Currency Code Not Provided  120  45
 4849  Questionable Merchant Activity  120  45
 4850  Installment Billing Dispute  120  45
 4853  Cardholder Dispute – Not as Described or
Defective Merchandise
 120  45
 4854  Cardholder Dispute – Not Elsewhere Classified (U.S. Region Only)  60 & 120  45
 4855  Goods or Services Not Provided  120  45
 4859  Addendum, No-show, or ATM Dispute  120  45
 4860  Credit Not Processed  120  45
 4863  Cardholder Does Not Recognize – Potential Fraud  120  45
 4870  Chip Liability Shift  120  45
 4871  Chip/PIN Liability Shift  120  45
 4999  Domestic Chargeback Dispute (Europe region Only)  120  45

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Read the list carefully. If you need better description and information of these reason codes then visit chargebackexpertz.com or call us at the toll-free number +1 (888) 901-8653. Furthermore, the MasterCard Chargeback Reason Codes can help the user with chargeback processing cycle for MasterCard transactions.

Here is How MasterCard Processes a Chargeback

According to the MasterCard, Chargeback is a Dispute Management Process. If used properly, the chargeback reason codes can solve the disputes very efficiently.We have mentioned the steps that are followed when a chargeback is initiated. This is the Chargeback Processing Cycle for MasterCard Transactions:

  • The customer or the cardholder is the one who initiates dispute or chargeback.
  • Then the customer’s bank or issuer, review the request and pass it on to the merchant’s bank or acquirer.
  • Then the acquirer checks the request, if the claims are legit then the money is returned to the customer.
  • Otherwise, the merchant is asked to show some evidence to claim that the transaction was not a fraud.
  • If the merchant is able to present any evidence, the acquirer takes it into the account. Otherwise, the merchant has to pay the asked amount to the customer.
  • In case of solid evidence from the merchant side, the claims are taken to the issuer. The merchant claims are also called Representment.
  • If the issuer accepts the claims of the merchant on the basis of the evidence then the chargeback is nullified. Otherwise, the merchant has to pay the transaction amount back to the cardholder.

These are the general steps that are followed in case of any chargeback request. The other card networks such as Visa has the same pattern with minor changes. If you are a merchant and looking for assistance with the Chargeback Representment then we can help you. For proper Chargeback terminologies, contact Chargeback Expertz to get a hold of an expert.

MasterCard’s Suggestion to Reduce Chargeback

The chargebacks are also a point of issue for the card network as well. Excessive chargeback and fraud can also affect the reputation of the card network. Hence, the card network, such as MasterCard asks the user to avoid an excessive chargeback. Here are some tips from MasterCard related to the chargeback.

  • Be true to customers and give a proper description of the product that you are selling.
  • Deliver as promised and avail the goods tracking services.
  • Provide the customer support service to the user in case of any query related to product and services.
  • Use the best security services to avoid any transaction related frauds.

Follow the Chargeback Processing Cycle for MasterCard Transactions to avoid any issues. You can contact Chargeback Expertz at the toll-free number+1 (888) 901-8653 and talk to a skilled technician. You can also try Skype Chat or Email Support to reach out.

Chargeback Processing Cycle

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