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True Cost Of Chargeback

 True Cost Of ChargebackChargeback is not just an expense of doing business, it is more than that can affect most of the merchant’s revenue. However, excessive chargeback can definitely lead to a loss in business. Not just that, chargeback also affect the reputation of the business as well.

Considering all these points, we can say that the true cost of chargeback is more than we think. A merchant goes through various ups and downs due to the number of chargebacks in their business. In this article, we will get to know about the true cost of chargeback, what does to effects and how to manage excessive disputes.

What Does Chargeback Cost For A Merchant?

Chargeback is a complex set of rules designed to protect customers from any kind of fraudulent activities by offering a reversal of money. However, for a merchant, the definition is quite different. There are multiple cases registered that suggested the fact that chargebacks rules can be used to cause frauds such as friendly frauds.

When a customer reports a transaction and asks for a chargeback, a customer get the reversal of transaction money. However, for a merchant, it is more than that transaction amount. Here is what a merchant needs to pay for each chargeback.

  1. Transaction Value– This the amount transacted by the customer while purchasing the product or service.
  2. Transaction Fee – This fee is submitted to the payment processors to process the payment from customer’s account to the merchant’s account.
  3. Marketing Costs– You don’t get customers out of anywhere, it requires marketing and advertising of the products, services, and brand. For that, you pay some amount too.
  4. Operational Costs – Delivery of product includes many steps like picking, packing, delivery, warehouse charges, and more, which generally cost merchants a lot.
  5. Chargeback Fees – Finally, every merchant needs to pay a fixed amount as the chargeback fees as a penalty.

According to some chargeback experts, when a $100 product gets a chargeback, it costs a merchant more than $200 due to the penalties coming with the chargeback. Also, it the case of excessive chargebacks, a merchant can lose the license to do business.

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What To Do Next? – Chargeback Management

In order to deal with chargeback and to minimize True Cost OfChargeback, you need to work around avoiding chargebacksin the organization. As you know, upon receiving multiple chargebacks, the bank can increase the chargeback fees and an increase in penalties.

The only way to avoid chargeback is by understanding the cause of it. Create your strategies around the frequently occurring chargebacks and try to minimize them.

Customer Service

Customer service is the key. Bank doesn’t want to lose their customers hence the chargebacks are introduced. Similarly, you need to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers as well.

Also, it is recommended to work on customer retention strategies to minimize the chance of chargebacks. All these strategies can show effective results and also minimize the cases of friendly frauds.

In case you need assistance with these issues then you can simply contact Chargeback Expertz. We offer services like chargeback management that can help reduce the True Cost of Chargeback.

True Cost Of Chargeback

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