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Chargeback Representment: Improving Winning Rates


can give response to consumer disputes with the help of chargeback representment. A representative permits you to shield the rationality of the transaction and get back the revenue that was disoriented in the dispute process. But, you can get only a single opportunity to request your case. Here’s how to make sure that your chargeback representment has the good possible way of winning.

Anatomy of a Winning Chargeback Representment

Each cardholder has a unique adventure that has been conducted to an eccentric cause for disputing a transaction. Therefore, every chargeback representment has to be different.

Anyways, the genuine chargeback representment functionality is not different. You can make a template and then copy the process for each coming dispute. Customization within an organized workflow is limitless easier than restarting the wheel every time.

STEP 1: Receive the Chargeback Notice

Each processor has a dissimilar way of meeting chargeback information with the merchants.

If your processor throws hard copies of warnings, you have to keep a constant eye on the mail. Allot an employee to open and process chargeback notifications ASAP they are received.

There is a very limited bracket of time to answer to a dispute, so you’ll require to set your representment workflow into movement ASAP.

 Helpful Tip

If you use updated technology to balance chargebacks, keep this step automated. Direct integration with your processor will get the chargeback warning on your behalf. And, the information will be received as soon as possible if it was sent via mail.

Case Closed?

If you allow a case expires, you cannot win the representment and the process conclude here.

As Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Don’t charge your right to cost recovery generally because you were too busy to open the mail. But, don’t give a try to rescue a losing battle either. If you fight the chargeback after the days are over, you simply wasted your resources because your case won’t even be considered. If you work with a third-party vendor for chargeback representments, ensure they are responding timely and aren’t wasting time in fighting expired cases.

Helpful Tip

Automation is faster and more effective than doing it manually. If you use automated technology, your representments will be immediate and you don’t have to worry about an expiring case.

STEP 2: Check the Reason Code & Find Compelling Proof

Each chargeback is partnered by a reason code which tries to describe why the cardholder or issuer has made the transaction as a dispute.

The reason code also utters which sort of captivating proof, or documents that give the sustainability of the original transaction, will be welcomed.

Compelling evidence must support each chargeback representment and comprise, but is not limited to:

  • Emails swapped with the cardholder
  • Shipping verification
  • Digital merchandise download and fruitful data

You want to get as much compelling evidence as attainable across the customer journey so documents will be served if a chargeback is issued. You also require a perfect way to keep this information and a smooth way to use it.

 Helpful Tip

A technology platform that merges face-to-face with both your processor and CRM (or order management system) could simplify this step for you. The technology can regulate what proof is needed for the chargeback representment and find the items in your CRM.

Case Closed?

The compelling proof you need to submit relies on the reason code allotted to the chargeback. If you don’t have what is actually needed or you have submitted the incorrect documents, your chargeback representment won’t be successful. To increase ROI, it is good to eliminate your representment workflow in this phase if you don’t have enough proof. Up until this point, you’ve invested fewer resources. Terminate before you needlessly give more.

 Helpful Tip

You can set tailored fight rules inside your technology platform to decide if a chargeback should or can’t be fought, saving you from assumptions and unnecessary expenses.

STEP 3: Create & Submit the Chargeback Representment Package

Chargeback representments are given in a package. The package includes:

  • A cover letter that tells your case
  • Your compelling proof

In your cover letter, encompasses the chargeback identification number so that your processor knows which dispute you are answering. Write a compelling, yet skillful, letter that summarizes and outline why the chargeback is infirm.

Order your compelling proof stated to your processor’s choice. Make it as simple as possible for the processor to promote on your behalf.

 Helpful Tip

Performing with a professional who can make to order your packages by processor choice enlarges the odds of winning.

Stick to your processor’s limit. Give the package well within the committed time limit.

STEP 4: Follow Up

Your charges don’t complete once the chargeback representment has been given. You still have things to do you have to go through to see if you were victorious.

Chargeback representment results are tough to come by. There are no ceremonial reporting needs or standards. Every processor has various strategies for sharing outcomes. And, it usually takes many months for results to be determined and recorded.

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While it is demanding to get this data, it is crucial to try. Appraise the efforts that will help you to decide which thing is working for you or not. Adapting your workflow based on what you grasp can assist you to achieve better results in the future.

 Helpful Tip

If you utilize a chargeback management stage, your results should automatically be exhibited in your dashboard the moment it is done.

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Ready to Win Big?

Representment win rates are an authentic KPI (key performance indicator) for chargeback management. However, they are only a few factors that affect ROI.

It may seem like the aim is to achieve win as many cases as possible because then you will get back as much cost as possible. But your attitude to chargeback management has to be very strategic if you want profit to fall on your side.

For instance, you can fight and get victory a representment for a $5 chargeback and you can appreciate yourself on the back for a job that you did well. But if a $45 amount of labor went into the submission process only, you’ll have a bad ROI. The huge representment success comes from a stable attitude that recovers revenue with a good planning, efficient, pocket-friendly plan. If that sounds like a chargeback representment strategy you’d like to give a try, then Chargeback Expertz can help. Sign up for a demo and see the technology in action.



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