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Chargeback Security Alerts can help your business to improve case resolution

Chargeback Alerts

Alerts are important when you are running a business. They inform the business about recent activities so that we can solve problems before they get bigger. Alerts from Banks can help businesses to solve various issues. Many small businesses, local governments, and universities have been targeted by hackers. Millions of dollars from banks have been stolen just because there weren’t alerts to inform merchants about online merchant activities. A dedicated
Chargeback Security Alert System can reduce the chances of fraud and help businesses to improve case resolutions.

Alerts for High Risk Business

It is important that you know what is going in your business. Chargeback Security Alert System provides real-time alerts that are directed to you via email or text so that you are always aware of various activities. Once you signed into the business account alerts. You will be able to receive transaction histories and chargebacks. Processing statements daily deposits and many more things. You can also sort details to get a better view of your business.

You can get transaction details, and get alerts when the balance reaches certain limit. Many payment gateway companies offer customizable and convenient account alerts to keep you well informed.  Especially when specific activities have been noted in your account. There are different types of alerts. You can choose which ones you want to receive via email and text messages. These alerts can help you prevent overdrafts, you will know when is the right time to move funds, and confirm transfers. There are many type of alerts that issuing banks provide such as current balance, no funds available, account balance is less that certain limit, and more. This is on the business banking end and is complete separate.

All you need to do is sign up with Chargeback Security that gives you alerts on the computer and mobile phone 24/7/365 . There are many chargeback prevention alerts especially for small businesses, many banks offer customized fraud alerts to help business resolve cases.

Chargeback Security has partnered with many agencies, financial institutions and businesses to make a Solid , Secure and Simple Chargeback Prevention Alerts System. You can even read more about it on our website under the “Notification” Tab , Link :www.chargebackexpertz.com/notification

Type of alerts that can help improve case resolution

Account Alerts

There is a wide range of alerts in this category that can help businesses to manage their money and keep the business safe  from frauds.

Consumer Alerts

The System works with Better Business Bureau, Attorney General’s Office, Rip Off Reports and similar Consumer Agencies and resolve all refutes between the consumers and the Merchant.

 Fraud Alerts

The descriptor of the merchant account and its variations are scrubbed in the database every day against the chargeback.  The database of the issuing banks. Financial institutions and/or partners.

Non Fraud Alerts

Reasons like, Cancelled Recurring, Credit Not Processed, Defective Goods/Services, Services/Goods Not Provided and many such Visa and Mastercard Chargeback Reason Codes are scrubbed against this alert category. Scrubbing and Working is similar to as of Fraud Alerts.

 Security Alerts

It is an extra layer of protection having all the required security. Merchants can set dollar limit for various transactions, including debt card activity, Settlement withdrawals, velocity checks, IP Addresses, and money transfers. You will be contacted when transactions exceed the specific criteria you have set.

Daily Alerts

It is a great way to keep tracking your business. All the account activities and transactions will be personalized according to your needs. Merchants can set thresholds and they will be notified via method that they prefer.

 Retrieval and Sales Draft Alerts

Chargeback Security works with the ISO / Processing Company and even the Acquiring banks to receive and resolve such Complaints and Alerts.

 Action Alerts

It is when your business account or balance goes down or high refunds or chargebacks are detected. Merchants can log in in the system and/or call and email Chargeback Security anytime. It is one of the fast, easy, and fee-free ways to keep business safe.


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Chargeback Security Alerts

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