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Geo-Location and IP Address can help business to check authenticity of orders


Geo-Location and IP Address are important because they help Online Businesses verify whether the order is authentic or not. It reduces chargebacks and  frauds by millions each year.

IP Address and Geo-Location are two of the few important things that can help businesses to check authenticity of an order. When someone orders from your online website, customer provides personal details to complete the transaction. Some of the information may not be directly available to you, but you can overcome it with the help of Geo-Location and IP Address Validation. Consider it a risk assessment in order to ensure that you are selling products to authentic customers.

Fraud Detection using Geo-Location

It can be used to detect the location of customers. Things such as city of delivery and city of billing are very important. Using Geo-location, we can calculate the distance and if it is not reasonable then there is a potential fraud case.

Using same principle, we can detect the location of credit card using initial 6 digits. If delivery address doesn’t match with country of card then there is a possibility that order is not authentic.

E-commerce fraud detection can help merchants reduce number of chargebacks. If a merchant is running a French site, then orders can come from French and neighboring countries, but if an order comes from a country which is not in the neighbor, there is a fraud.

E-Commerce Fraud Detection

Consider two examples to understand how to detect fraud using Geo-Location and order details.

  • A French website selling goods via online platform. There is an order arrived at the site from French IP, but the credit card is from Japan origin. Delivery address and billing address both are of France. In this case, fraud is obvious because the card belongs to someone in Japan and everything else is from French.
  • A website selling goods in Canada and France. The IP in this case is from Brazil, and credit card is French origin. Delivery address and billing address both are of Canada. A merchant may think that this order is made by someone from French origin living in Canada. But IP address tells us that this is a credit card fraud.

Geo-Location and IP Address are important information for verifying an order. Merchants have to verify order detail and match it with geo location before processing the order, or else they will probably see many chargebacks and frauds. It’s more like Risk Planning and Chargeback Mitigation.

Geo-location can also be integrated with many other controls to reduce frauds. To better handle the frauds, merchants can choose a credit card processing account that comes with facility to detect frauds. This includes matching Geo-Location with order detail to verify orders. Velocity Checks, IP Address Validation , AVS Match , CVV Match , Visa Securecode , Mastercard Securecode and the list goes on. Start Saving Moving and Fight Fraud . Reach out today to get a free validation of your merchant account under our Solid and Secure Chargeback Management System .

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