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How Can Fraud Prevention and Detection Increase Profits?

Fraud Prevention and Detection Increase Profits

Fraud Prevention and Detection Increase Profits

Owning a business involves the risk of fraud especially, e-commerce business. Where transactions are done virtually. Known as CARD NOT PRESENT. CNP payments increase the risk of fraud exponentially.

Ecommerce Merchants Pay for Frauds

It has been found that for every $1 lost to fraud, in turn, costs businesses $2.40 (Yes, a loss ratio of 1:2.4). Meaning for every $1000 it will cost $2400 to the businesses. This is why it is highly recommended to merchants invest in the detection and prevention of chargeback fraud. By lowering the chargeback rate the merchants will be able to increase profits.

To understand how to prevent chargebacks we must first understand.  Why would any business platform receive a chargeback from its own customers?

3 highly common causes for chargebacks are:

  • The credit card was stolen or used without consent
  • The charge or business name is unrecognizable on credit card statements
  • The product or service was defective, damaged or not as described

chargebacks are

In order to detect chargebacks, you must combine machine learning and the human interception. Machine learning will ensure data has been quickly analyzed, checked, and balanced. However, a machine cannot replace real people with a passion to do well and think critically within context. Here is a list of how your employees can detect possible chargebacks.

E-mail address

If the email address includes random characters (symbols and numbers) or has no relation to the customer’s name.

Physical address

It must match the credit card billing address.

Shipping address

This should match the recorded address on the customer’s account. This can be tricky in situations where gifts are purchased for someone outside of the household.

Repeated attempts

Repeated attempts on the same card number should be a red flag.

High volume orders

Price is no issue since scammers don’t intend to pay.

Late night orders

Fraud increases late at night. As often said ‘Nothing good happens after 2:00 am.’


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Next, what can you do to prevent chargebacks? Most importantly implement policies and procedures that work best for the flow of your business. Some tips on preventing chargebacks are below.

Keep up to date and secure technologies

Always be informed of technological advancements to keep your business’s and customer’s safety.

Transparent return policy

No customer is happy to have missed the policies. A customer is expecting convenience so be sure your return/exchange policy is clearly stated in multiple locations on your website.

Customer service

Expect excellence from your employees. Train them to be effective, efficient and empathetic. When a customer concern arises.

Quick Action

Whether updating account details, processing a payment or refund be sure it is done as soon as possible. The payment will then be easily recognized by the customer. When the customer is put first they feel valued by the company.

Know Your Customer

Monitor customer behavior and activity by calling or emailing the customer by which you can further confirm the security of sales.

Know your Employees

Make thorough background checks and limit employees access to sensitive data and financial systems.

Train your Employees

Invest time in their business knowledge and ability. Actively enforce relevant policies and procedures.

Prevention and Detection of chargebacks will protect your e-commerce business’ profitability.

For more information, feel free to contact Chargeback Expertz and get the information related to the various Chargeback Frauds and how to prevent them.

Furthermore, Chargeback Expertz also provides assistance with the Representment and Chargeback Reversal. Contact now at the toll-free number +1 (888) 901-8653

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Fraud Prevention and Detection Increase Profits

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