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How to Manage Goods not Received Chargeback and Reduce it?


Manage Goods not Received Chargeback – One of the worst fear of the customer is not to receive the purchased item and to avoid such practices in the business the Chargeback and it’s various reason codes came into existence. The chargeback is designed to protect the customers when using the card or other digital means to make payments.
It is not necessary that the Merchant getting the Goods not Received Chargeback is at fault here. It could be a mistake of the delivery person, or customer is lying to keep the item for free. But whatever the reason is, the merchant has to bear the effect and bear the chargeback.

Understand Goods not Received Chargeback

The Visa Reason Code 30 and MasterCard Reason Code 4855 are applied when Goods not Received Chargeback is filed. And to manage Goods not Received Chargeback, the merchant should understand the possible causes of this particular chargeback.

Here are some situations that could lead to Goods not received chargeback:

  • The merchant is unable to deliver the product.
  • The product was not delivered on the time and was delayed.
  • There is been some mistake at the time of delivery and customer did not get the product.
  • The cardholder wants to get the item for free and cause the chargeback fraud.

These are the common causes of chargeback under service not received. There could be more. If you and your business are unable to handle the chargeback situation then you need the guidance of an expert. To get an expert to help you Manage Goods not Received Chargeback, you can contact Chargeback Expertz at the toll-free number.


Fight the Goods not Received Chargeback

If you are a merchant using the fair methods to run the business. Then you should not fear the chargeback.

  • Moreover, a few mistakes are always possible in the business. If you have made a mistake while delivering the goods and services. Then accept it and offer the customer desired refund or replacement.
  • Otherwise, if it is not your mistake then you can collect the evidence to fight against the chargeback.
  • In order to fight the Goods not Received Chargeback, a merchant should have documents that ensure the customer has received the item.
  • Furthermore, provide the efficient support to the customer to share their concern and issues with you before filing the chargeback.
  • Make sure you deliver the terms for the return and refund policies to the customer very well.

It is not necessary to fight the chargeback every time. Sometimes you can just reduce that cause and the chargeback rate will also minimize.
For more information, contact Chargeback Expertz at the toll-free number-+1 (888) 901-8653 or chat via Skype.

Points to Understand to Manage Goods not Received Chargeback

  • Credit card chargeback merchant rights
  • Can you go to jail for chargebacks?
  • Paid for goods not received on the debit card
  • Credit card dispute for services not rendered
  • Chargeback services not rendered
  • Chargeback no refund policy
  • Visa chargeback reason code 30
  • Chargeback item not received
  • Chargeback services not rendered

Here are some additional topics that you should be informed about if you are a merchant. These topics can help you deal with the chargebacks in future and to make your business more profitable.

Furthermore, contact Chargeback Expertz to help you Manage Goods not Received Chargeback. You can access the 24/7 assistance by placing a call at the toll-free number- +1 (888) 901-8653 or chat via Skype.

Goods not Received Chargeback

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