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What are the VISA Chargeback Time Limit and Reason Code?

VISA Chargeback Time Limit and Reason Code?

VISA Chargeback Time Limit – The Chargeback strives are going up gradually and due to this, the execution costs as well as time frame is sloping upwards. So in order to minimize the chargeback disagreements execution time-frame, you may use the strategy started by VISA that is known as VCR. The term VCR also stands for VISA Claims Resolution that came into the function from Apr 2018. This strategy of VISA is also going to shorten the time-frames, but because of the present VISA Chargeback Time Limit, there would be some challenges also.

Furthermore, this VISA strategy would help us to know the methods of the execution of such disagreement as well. And the main goal of this plan comprises the elimination of the disagreements which are not valid, reduction of resolution time span as well as computerized liability functions promotion etc. This VISA Chargeback Time Limit differs for both the function of strife, known as Allocation and Collaboration.
Majorly, strives related to both, fraudulence as well as licenses are going to be executed under the Allocation workflow. Whereas, Collaboration Workflow and Allocation Workflow execute all the disputes, which cannot be resolved by using an automatic process.

VISA Chargeback Time Limit:

List of VISA Chargeback Time Limit:

Visa Reason Code Reason Code Description Time Limit(Cardholder / Issuing Bank) Time Limit(Acquirer / Merchant)
10.1 EMV Liability Shift Counterfeit Fraud 120 30
10.2 EMV Liability Shift Non-Counterfeit Fraud 120 30
10.3 Other Fraud — Card-Present Environment 120 30
10.4 Other Fraud — Card Absent Environment 120 30
10.5 Visa Fraud Monitoring Program 120* 30
11.1 Card Recover Bulletin or Exception File 75 30
11.2 Declined Authorization 75 30
11.3 No Authorization 75 30
12.1 Late Presentment 120 30
12.2 Incorrect Transaction Code 120 30
12.3 Incorrect Currency 120 30
12.4 Incorrect Transaction Account Number 120 30
12.5 Incorrect Transaction Amount 120 30
12.6 Duplicate Processing or Paid By Other Means 120 30
12.7 Invalid Data 120 30
13.1 Services Not Delivered or Products Not be Given 120* 30
13.2 Nullified Recurring Settlement 120 30
13.3 Not as Narrated or Defective Products 120* 30
13.4 Counterfeit Products 120* 30
13.5 Misrepresentation of the purchased good and/or service 120* 30
13.6 Credit Not Processed 120* 30
13.7 Canceled Products/Services 120 30
13.8 Primary Credit Settlement Not Collected 120 30
13.9 Non-Receipt of Cash or Load Transaction Value at ATM 120 30


Reason Codes with Time Limit Modifiers:

Reason Code – 10.5:
The chargeback under normal situations should be executed in under 120 days in all religions other than US Domestic.

Reason Code – 13.1:
The chargeback time limits may be altered if the resources were assumed to deliver after the execution time period of the payment also. As a result, a rectification would be ready for use within 31 days but this can vary from one situation to another. For Example:

  • The Chargeback could be contemplated to take place in under 120 days, from the most recent date when the Card Owner was awaited to receive the products or services.
  • Therefore they can also expect the chargeback in less than 120 business days from the time period since when the card owner was informed about the delivery of the products or services. The products won’t be provided.

Reason Code – 13.3:

Previously it belonged to the reason code 53. The 120 days VISA chargeback time limit can also vary from one date to another, accordingly.

  • Because of the leading situation, the VISA chargeback time limit is also going to begin from the time period when the card owner collected the services or products.
  • As a result, the second case will begin with the time span of the execution of the remaining amount of the settlement.
  • And according to the third scenario, the time limit may begin later than the execution time span of the settlement when the services or goods reached to the card owner.

Under the rule 1, 3 or 4 in all regions:

The chargeback initiation dates must not be the sole ground, which you need to consider in the case of a conflict. According to these specifications, the issue needs to wait for minimum 15 almanac days from the time span when the card owner instigated the returning procedure of the services or products.

Situations that may lead to a strife or return:

  • If the given description is not matching with the collected products or services.
  • In case the products or services collected by the card owner were damaged or defective.
  • In case the quality of the service or goods is not up to the mark.

Under Rule 2 in US Domestic, Canada Domestic or Canada/US Interregional:

Under Rule 2 the chargeback may not be executed in due course of 60 almanac days from the time when the primary alert was collected or received related to strife from the card owner. This state is for card-absent environment settlement.

  • A proof should be there for the continuing arrangements to settle strives.
  • These arrangements need to appear in under 120 almanac days of the settlement execution time span.
  • The chargeback execution date may not increase from the 540 almanac days of settlement execution time span.

Under Rule 4 in all regions:

The card owners can strife with the standard of the commodities as well as services. Once encountered the primary alert of the strife then merchant needs to initiate the chargeback. As well as the Chargeback should not increase from the time span of 60 days.

  • Same as “Under Rule 2 in Domestic, Canada Domestic or Canada/US Interregional.

Under Rule 5 in all regions:

According to this, the chargeback needs to be executed in under 120 almanac days solely from the timespan when the card owner has retained the products or services. You need to make sure that the execution time should not be more than 120 almanac days. The products may be recognized as forged by:

  • the owner of the highbrow possessions,
  • An import taxes firm,
  • A law enforcement agency
  • or other government agencies.

Under Rule 6 in all regions:

Once received the initial cardholder alert related to conflict by the issuer, the chargeback needs to be executed in under 60 days

  • Same as “Under Rule 2 in Domestic, Canada Domestic or Canada/US Interregional.

In this case, the card owner claims that the services or products offered by the Merchant are misquoted.

Reason Code 13.6:

This code previously belongs to reason codes 85 as per the VCR.

Under rule 1 in interregional including VE:
Since the date, which is printed on the settlement receipt, the issuer has to hold-up for 15 almanac days. In case the date is not mentioned on the settlement slip then this rule is not applicable. The chargeback could not be executed after 60 days in this scenario, from:

  • The settlement execution period.
  • The timespan mentioned on the amount settlement slip.
  • In case the period is not mentioned on the amount settlement slip then the post timespan, sent by the card owner can be used.
  • The period when the issuer collected the post, in case both the credit settlement slip along with the post does not have a date indicated on it.

Under Rule 2 in all regions:

The issuer has to hold-up for 15 days, since the product has been sent back by the card owner. The chargeback should not increase the execution time of more than 120 days in any case.

  • Either the time period of settlement execution
  • Or the date.

Under Rule 5 in all regions beside US domestic:

The chargeback needs to be executed in between 120 almanac days solely:

  • From the date of settlement execution.
  • In case the merchant has not executed the amount, then the timeframe when the card owner canceled the preapproved deposited solvency entirely.
  • The planned timespan of reach.
  • In case the merchant provides sequential accommodation but forgot to execute the financial standings.
  • Because the merchant didn’t inform the cardholder regarding the policies of nullification.

Under Rule 5 in US Domestic:

The chargeback needs to be executed in under 120 almanac days only from:

  • Same as “Under Rule 5 in all regions beside US domestic”.

Under Rule 6 in all regions:

The chargeback must be filed in between 120 almanac days of the settlement execution timespan.

  • The primary financial standings settlement inclusive of money transfers cannot be acquired either when the receiver declined or the laws forbid the settlement.

Under Rule 7 in US Domestic:

Furthermore, the registered chargeback must be executed in under 120 days from the time period when the card owner canceled the settlement.

  • The cardholder canceled the already submitted settlement entirely but as a result, the merchant has not executed the amount yet.

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Our executives will also help you to understand the VISA chargeback time limit, the VCR workflows and the list mentioned above. You can directly connect us by visiting the link chargebackexpertz.com or Chargeback Expertz Support for the further information.

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