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American Express Chargeback Reason Codes and Programs


American Express Chargeback Reason Codes – The different card network has their different rules and reason codes to handle the chargebacks. Similarly, the American Express has their methods to deal with the chargeback. The Amex procedure is simple and easy to understand. In case of a chargeback involving an American Express card, a merchant should know about the American Express Chargeback Reason Codes and Procedures.
In this article, we will discuss the entire procedure in detail. You can also contact Chargeback Expertz to get more intrinsic details related to the same. Contact us using the toll-free number +1(855) 465-4723 or chat via Skype.

Methods used by Amex to deal with Disputes

When a chargeback is reported, there are simply two methods that are used by American Express. Those are:

Chargeback – According to the given information if the chargeback is valid, then Amex will automatically deduct the money from the merchant account depending on the dispute. Also, the merchant will be notified.

Inquiry – If the case is not cleared then the inquiry will start. The merchant will be given 20 days to present the evidence against the chargeback report. If the evidence is solid then the chargeback will be revoked. Otherwise, the merchant will be asked to pay the fine.

Programs designed by American Express to deal with Chargeback?

Before moving to American Express Chargeback Reason Codes, let us discuss the chargeback programs by the American Express.

Immediate Chargeback Program

American Express puts the merchant and the business under this program. And, Amex has the right to deduct chargeback amount without any inquiry. If you are under this program then the possible reason could be:

  • You or your business has a high chargeback rate in the history.
  • In addition, the non-fulfillment of the Amex chargeback norms.
  • Or the merchant chose this program to avoid inquiries and reversal disputes.

Partial Immediate Chargeback Program

This program allows American Express to carry out the chargeback without notice or inquiry if the chargeback is below a certain amount. Also, on exceeding the chargeback amount, the merchant will get the inquiry notice from the American Express. If you are under this program then the possible reason could be:

  • You or your business has a high chargeback rate in the history.
  • Also, the non-fulfillment of the Amex chargeback norms.
  • Or the merchant chose this program to avoid inquiries for disputs below a certain amount.

Fraud Full Recourse Program

American Express can deduct the chargeback without notice for all the frauds and alleged chargebacks. If you are under this program then the possible reason could be:

  • You own a high-risk business in the current market.
  • Your business receives a high number of chargeback and inquiries.
  • Your merchant account is been canceled due to previous unresolved chargeback issues.

Now that you know about the American Express Chargeback Programs, let’s get to the American Express Chargeback Reason Codes. For more information related to the above programs, contact Chargeback Expertz.

American Express Chargeback Reason Codes – Chargeback Expertz

American Express Chargeback Reason Codes have four main categories, those are Fraud, Authorization, Processing Error, Card Member Disputes and Miscellaneous. Moreover, there are other two categories to handle the Amex chargeback: inquiry and chargeback programs.
Here is the table of American Express Chargeback Reason Codes:

Reason Code Description Category
A01 Charge Amount Exceeds Authorization Amount Authorization
A02 No Valid Authorization Authorization
A08 Authorization Approval Expired Authorization
F10 Missing Imprint Fraud
F14 Missing Signature Fraud
F24 No Card Member Authorization Fraud
F29 Card Not Present Fraud
F30 EMV Counterfeit Fraud
F31 EMV Lost/Stolen/Non-Received Fraud
P01 Unassigned Card Number Processing Errors
P03 Credit Processed as Charge Processing Errors
P04 Charge Processed as Credit Processing Errors
P05 Incorrect Charge Amount Processing Errors
P07 Late Submission Processing Errors
P08 Duplicate Charge Processing Errors
P22 Non-Matching Card Number Processing Errors
P23 Currency Discrepancy Processing Errors
C02 Credit Not Processed Card Member Disputes
C04 Goods/Services Returned or Refused Card Member Disputes
C05 Goods/Services Canceled Card Member Disputes
C08 Goods/Services Not Received or Only Partially Received Card Member Disputes
C14 Paid by Other Means Card Member Disputes
C18 “No Show” or CARDeposit Canceled Card Member Disputes
C28 Canceled Recurring Billing Card Member Disputes
C31 Goods/Services Not As Described Card Member Disputes
C32 Goods/Services Damaged or Defective Card Member Disputes
M01 Chargeback Authorization Inquiry/Miscellaneous
M10 Vehicle Rental – Capital Damages Inquiry/Miscellaneous
M49 Vehicle Rental – Theft or Loss of Use Inquiry/Miscellaneous
R03 Insufficient Reply Inquiry/Miscellaneous
R13 No Reply Inquiry/Miscellaneous
FR2 Fraud Full Recourse Program Inquiry/Miscellaneous
FR4 Immediate Chargeback Program Inquiry/Miscellaneous
FR6 Partial Immediate Chargeback Program Inquiry/Miscellaneous


Get Chargeback Assistance – Chargeback Expertz
It is important for the merchant to know about the American Express Chargeback Reason Codes when dealing with a chargeback. This list can provide you with a brief detail on the reasons for chargebacks. For more information, feel free to contact Chargeback Expertz and get the information related to the various Chargeback Reason Codes.
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