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E-Commerce News, Utilize latest Technology to Prevent Cybercrime

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E-commerce can utilize technology to prevent cybercrimes. Here are some features that a business can adopt to keep business safe from hackers.

Many businesses have to fight Cyber Crimes on a daily basis; there is no organization which is immune to Cyber Crimes. Just like any regular crime, criminals known as hackers steal your vital information and valuables when you are not paying attention. There is a rise in E-commerce and online technology, more and more companies are using internet to do business. You probably will need a website to sell products, and a merchant account as the bridge for money transfer. If security is not checked on regular basis, you may face chargebacks or fraudulent transactions.

If you are selling products, then there may be critical financial data stored on your server. Websites help businesses to keep record of various documents & statistics, but this data also attract cyber criminals. In simple terms these people want to launch attack on your website to steal data, but fortunately there are many ways to keep hackers away from your Website. This is why e-commerce businesses have to utilize technology to prevent cybercrimes! Here is how.

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  1. Keep Data Encrypted

Data that is between company’s server and customer’s page should be encrypted to avoid phishing attack. An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the best option to keep customers’ personal information safe. A secure SSL on a business website indicates that website is authentic. Many corporations and search engines use SSL certificate on websites. It reduces number of fraudulent purchases, and protects card information on the website.

  1. A Strong Password

It is responsibility of your business to inform customers to use strong passwords. Your website can inform customers to include numbers and symbols in passwords. Long Login details are not easy to crack and criminals will find it hard to get your personal information.

  1. Don’t store confidential information

It is risky to store too much information on the server, it can lure hackers from around the world. E-commerce should store little information for current events and then get rid of it as soon as possible. For some businesses, storing information is prohibited, especially credit card information. As per PCI security standard council, there are penalties for business owners who fail to follow guidelines.

  1. Use Firewall Security

Viruses can destroy your business, you can install a strong firewall to stay safe. A firewall is a layer on your network that send alerts when there is a suspicious activity on your sever. To avoid getting these, merchants have to integrate firewalls on customer’s login area, search queries, and contact form.

  1. DDoS protection service

There has been an increase in the number of DDoS attacks in the last five years. It is better to utilize technology to counter this problem, merchants can turn towards cloud based DDoS protection to handle it. Using latest technology will eliminate the need to invest in new equipment to fight with DDoS attack.

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